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sketchbook thinking through


The work is a collage of words and sketchbook pages, divided into four stages of the process of "thinking" accumulated over 13 years.


They are scribbled lines that go on forever. Connecting here and there, they lead from small inspirations to many possibilities.


It's a bunch of little squares. They are categorized, ordered and arranged, and from them new ideas, shapes and words sprout like a spider's web.


This is a more formed idea. They are neatly arranged in a row, waiting for the opportunity to be selected and elaborated and to be released.


The scribbled lines return to the sketchbook, even as they have left the sketchbook (somehow unsatisfied, something missing, too much). Then another 'thinking though' process starts all over again.

'sketchbook thinking through' Artist book edition

Exthibition view : Uradana, Tokyo (2017)
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