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Living with the strangers


It's not the facilities that are important. It is not the building either.
A building has to become a workshop, a studio, a theatre, a sanctuary.
It should bring people together. To create a place where everyone can realise a fruitful (but very quiet) spiritual life.

It is not an institution. An empty room, an empty place, can become a place of creation, of meditation, of communion.
The people who gather there are usually looking in the similar directions but slightly different.

It's not as strong as a family, it's not as commercial as a company, but people come together, they help each other a little bit, they do what they can't do alone... they know each other well, they lend each other their wisdom. That's how we live together.

Touch me with the finger of light" Natsuki Ikezawa






'Living with the strangers' Artist book edition > ●

Exthibition view : Kyoto University of the Arts, Kyoto (2014)
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