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One of my family passed away last year. Just a few days later we went to see him having chitchat and shaking hands, he lost his consciousness. His breathing, the colour of his skin, body movements had changed every minutes and then he died 8 hours later. We got busy organising all sorts of those practical funeral business, then in two days he was cremated and the usual daily life had started without him. I somehow wanted to remember his last transformation at the end of his life which became the idea of this flip book to be able to return to the last memory of him.

The final firm handshake

Rough breathing
Your effort to turn over own body
Hands reaching out to you
Rubbing the feet


Looking at Mt. Kashimayari from the window

Mother's tears
A flat line
Futon laid on the living room

A lot of flowers

Fireworks at Kamekura town

The door was closed



karakara karakara

'transformare'  Artist Book edition > ●

Exhibition view : Uradana, Tokyo (2017)
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